SharePoint Farm Administrators Secure

Недавно узнал, что Эдвард Сноуден (Mr. Snowden) который слил очень важную информацию в сеть, получил ее (не законно) именно из портала SharePoint. Да, да в АНБ используют SharePoint. Но это была не хакерская атака Сноудена и не уязвимость SharePoint, а плохая настройка портала администраторами.
Edward Snowden is responsible probably for one of the most famous information leaks of all time right now. It's pretty well documented as well but a good portion of the information that was leaked by Snowden came from SharePoint.
Mr. Snowden provided what were later described to investigators as legitimate-sounding explanations for his activities: As a systems administrator he was responsible for conducting routine network maintenance. That could include backing up the computer systems and moving information to local servers, investigators were told.
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